Music.Net, only from V Nation. Launching Summer 2021.
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Music.Net is a division of V Nation

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Welcome to the Music.Net – The future of the Music Industry

Music.Net has disrupted the Music Industry with the 1st Decentralized Music Platform, designed for Musicians, Artists, Performers, Singers, Songwriters, Producers, in every musical style.

Music.Net, powered by ABEYCHAIN 2.0 with neurothink Technology, is the exclusive music industry focused NFT trading platform by V Nation.

Evolution of recorded music

NFT VIP – The New Music Medium

Issue SMART Contract

It’s easy to create your own Smart Contracts on the ABEYCHAIN. Simply fill in the Smart Contract form and Submit. Contract is ready!

Create Master NFT

Upload your asset to the staging area. It is then confirmed by the human review team. Then it will go on for validation and then be forged to the ABEYCHAIN.

Valid Individual Prints (VIP)

Once the Master is created you can then order VIP copies. Order in multiples, minimum 100 copies, to 100,000 and more. Launch a Platinum seller!

* Low Gas Fees allow Artists of all levels to participate.

DRC – Digital Rights Contracts

Division and tracking of Rights to music is a complex area to understand, or to implement. There are a number of pieces to the music rights puzzle, including Songwriters, Producers, Musicians, and not least of all Publishers. Guaranteeing rights can be difficult and complex even for the more experienced music industry experts.

Music.Net has disrupted and simplified Music Rights by assigning Music Rights, guaranteed by Smart Contract. In an area that has traditionally been controlled by an exclusive group of; Record Labels, Private Equity firms, and Billionaire Investors, will now be available to average individuals, and small investors. DRC Fractional Rights tokens can be owned and traded by anyone and everyone, regardless of “Inside Connections” or “Massive Capital”.


The aCASH Token (ACT) is the token of value in the Music.Net ecosystem. NFT, VIP, DRC, Music.Net’s low gas and transaction fees all require using ACT. ACT is a stable token issued on the ABEYCHAIN and has 1:1 value with USDT. ACT is minted when purchased, and burned when they are used, or exchanged. ACT can be purchased using ABEY.

NFT VIP Marketplace

The Music.Net NFT / VIP Marketplace is a vibrant marketplace for the Buying, Selling, and Trading of original NFT and VIP assets, and as a Secondary market. Trading on the Marketplace is by “Bid”or “Buy It Now”. ACT is the currency of the Marketplace, and multiple Cryptos or Fiat Currencies can be exchanged on the spot. (Payment services provided by APAY Systems)


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Launching Summer 2021